Live with Purpose

Perceiving me?

Hello again! Hope you’re doing well. Do me a favor and check for me real quick…I’ll wait.

Okay, how are you? Well? Me too!

Look, remember that question I asked earlier, “What are you?” Well, that’s it. I’m curious to know what are you doing right now?

Allow me explain this question:

What are you doing right now could mean, what are you doing with your life? As in, what are you doing with your life right now? What about, what are you doing with your life for your future? These are all complex questions spawned from a simple unfinished inquiry. What are you?

Story time:

Who am I? Where do I even begin?

“I am aware that I am rare.” The créature sauvage looked her self up and down. The curious being squinted as she checked her beaming crown then towards the ground; atop a fluffy rug cute tiny pale toes wiggling now. You’re beautiful,” she reminded herself as she gazed into her green eyes glaring back in the bathroom mirror’s reflection.

The sunshine from the morning sun beamed just right that the symmetry of her face aligned, exposing an exotic beauty through the window’s light. Selfie time. She smirked, of course, and headed out the door. Her head whipped around to get one more glimpse from the backside. Her derrière was another favorite body part she adored. “Okay, okay. Come on now, you’re behind,” she turned and booty winked back at her.

She’s embarking on a long journey to the motherland. Her first time in Africa.

Make it count.

#staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

Today I am grateful for:

More letting go

• Neck Pillows

• My family for showing they care about me

Airport Stretches

AM Meditation:

What are you ashamed of? What are your biggest disappointments?

For me, not working towards a dream or allowing myself to love fully will always be something I’m ashamed of. My disappointments come from the fact that I have not shown love and acceptance for my own father.

What would make today great?

If I could, I would like to stay hydrated and keep my face moisturized while traveling.


Accept and love all aspects of who I am, even my mistakes

Day 3:

Afternoon Stretches

What amazing things happened today?

1. I practiced patience and mindfulness on my long flight.

2. I was shown compassion by an elderly woman who didn’t even speak my language.

3. I was able to connect with other travelers going to the same music festival as I am in Cape Town.

How could I have made today even better?

If I could, I would have liked to enjoy a healthier diet while traveling.

PM Meditation:

Embrace flaws and heal by spending time doing what I love and disconnecting from society.

Evening Stretches

BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

Learn how to prepare an authentic African meal for myself.

I’m still traveling, so follow me tomorrow for my first post from South Africa! 🇿🇦

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