It is Never Too Late to Get Your Life Together

“Have the guts to be true to yourself. Nothing more.” ~Robin Sharma

Welcome back! Is it too late for Happy November? It’s good to see you. I’m so glad you made it, and I don’t actually see you. But hear me out, I’m imagining you on the other side of your screen and I just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful. There! I said it 😌

Anyway, hi! I hope you love yourself. I love you. Also, if you haven’t said that to someone today, I suggest you try it. See what it feels like. Maybe call your mom if you can, and if you can’t then call someone that you love. Tell them you love them. Just do it. I feel like it’s a nice thing to do and you’ll probably feel better once you finally get it over with. If you don’t go through with it, then just forget I said anything.

My brothers

My sisters

My aunties

My cousins

My people.

I feel for you man. Life doesn’t really seem like it’s easy for any of us.

I have a story for you:

This story is set in the 90s and involves my older brother; My big bro, I call him Big Chocolate. I’m Lil’ Chocolate, of course. We’re posted up at daycare in some lady’s house because my beloved single-mother is constantly working to be able to provide for us and get us both where we are today. I have nothing but love and respect for this woman. I learned a lot from her and may have picked up a few naughty habits, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank my mom. There is no one like Athena. Shout out to the moms! You all have one. Cherish your memories together.

Back to the story: My brother and me would play together with the other kids in daycare and on this particular day, my brother was put in timeout. Was he being a bad boy?

Comment below the first thought that came to mind! Why was my brother punished?

It was for…singing. My brother was singing this old school Janet Jackson song called “Funky Big Band.”

The lyrics go like this:

“Got to be real

If you want to hear the

Funky big band

We who knows it feel it”

Funky Big Band, okay? So there we are, singing along to this song we’ve heard a dozens times before from our mom’s cassette tapes. Yes, cassette tapes. We’re in the 90s. So of course you can imagine what our nanny thought she heard my brother say. Now, at this age, yes we know cuss words. We even sang along to a number of songs with explicit lyrics that we probably should not have. Regardless, this song that my brother was singing did not have a bad word in it. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t a popular Janet Jackson song? Either way, it was her word against his, and there was nothing Lil’ chocolate could do to prove her Big’s innocence. She heard what she heard and he was punished. Fin πŸ”š

Here we are, years later and still not able to fully grasp the magnitude of this concept. So many innocent lives lost due to “he said, she said.” Not to mention the “wrong place at wrong time” nonsense. My opinion is that to be seen as a threat is a difficult spot to be in. So how do we progress? Life just doesn’t seem fair no matter what we do, yet we still rise to the occasion. Stay shining, fam. The power of love is within us all, we just need to tap into it.

Mankind! I honestly can’t figure out who has had it worse in society; the humans, the animals or the actual planet itself that we inhabit? Is it too much to ask for world peace? These feelings that come on strong like a ripple effect, waves of hatred and fear spreading throughout our DNA remind me of oil spilled into the ocean. Like really, there will always be different sides and opinions, which is great for our uniqueness and individuality. Unfortunately, the people who share my blood get killed more frequently in these instances with law enforcement and especially with the use of firearms. So, I’m curious to see if there will be a day when the colored man is not seen a threat in society. These beautiful beasts need not be tamed. Until then, stay up my friends ✌🏽

Today I am grateful for:

β€’ More sense of self-worth

β€’ Genuine connections

β€’ Amazon Prime

Morning Stretches

AM Meditation:

What do I blame myself for?

I struggle constantly with not hyping myself up enough. You’ll rarely hear me say I’m the best at anything, and I’m humbled by this. Even as a kid, I found that I had no desire to be the center of attention. Sure, I have confidence, but I struggle with the thought of going overboard with my ego and turning into an attention-seeking narcissist. Thus, I end up dimming my light for fear of seeming like I’m trying too hard. Then I get upset when I know I could have done better. It’s a never-ending cycle, and I’m working on it. Legends don’t become legends by not thinking they’re worthy of being legendary.

What would make today great?

If I could be more consistent with putting my energy towards meal prepping and not going out to eat everyday.


Accept the fact that I have progressed this far and appreciate my journey.

Afternoon Stretches

What amazing things happened today?

1. I was able to find some self care products that I recently ran out of.

2. I looked into my spending habits to start budgeting for the holiday season.

3. I am getting even more comfortable with the new operating system at work as I am answering questions some associates have.

How could I have made today even better?

If I could, I would have liked to spend more time learning how to control my breath while singing.

PM Meditation:

I am inspired.

I am creative.

I am joyful.

I am in control.

I am unique.

I am special.

I am kind.

I am important.

I feel.

Evening Stretches

BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

Improving my skill-set and boosting my self love by providing a fun but challenging zumba workout for students in a new fitness class.

πŸ“£ You’re a diamond, dear. They can’t break you.

Stay wild #wildones🐾 Don’t forget to #followwildthing your #greeneyedblackgirl Neighborhood Friendly Home Girl!

Until next time my friends. I’m peepin’ a show up in LA tomorrow night. Catch ya later πŸ¦†

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