Yo! Look what I just googled:

Mayday. Mayday! Help me…it’s May.

You made it, welcome back! What up fam? Hope all is well with you. As for myself, I really just had a moment thinking about all of those precious lives lost to suicide and the stigma associated with getting the help that we need to thrive in our society. May, of course is mental health awareness month, and as much as it saddens me to think about, it also really makes me appreciate my beautiful mind and how I’ve learned to deal with depression and anxiety. I stay blessed and am very fortunate to not live in places like Alaska or Seattle with gloomy weather for a good portion of the year. Sunshine and warmth are my sanctuary ☀️ I just feel confident by keeping positive and believing things will work out accordingly. They always do, so why stress? All you need is a little faith in yourself and some self love. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s totally worth it.

So I gotta ask, how are we doing? It’s okay if you’re not okay. I repeat, it is perfectly alright for you to not be alright. Sit with your feelings. Meditate on them. Even the most uncomfortable ones have lessons to teach you. Just remember not to dwell too long and to move past them. Energy flows better that way. Took me some time, but I have come to understand that life is about the journey, and not the destination. If you don’t appreciate where you’re at now, how do you expect to get to where you want to be?

Knowing all of this, try practicing gratitude as it will attract more positives into your life. Consider the law of attraction.

If you can imagine it in your mind, you CAN experience it in your reality.

Remember to also be patient with yourself my loves. Greatness doesn’t come overnight. Even if you feel fear, have the courage to step forward and embrace it by using daily positive rituals to keep you focused on you.

What are you waiting for? Start today. Start right now! Get motivated to live the life you want to live. If it’s easier said than done, then seek help. Whether it be family, friends, or even a therapist or healer, there are so many resources at your fingertips ready to get you feeling like you again. All you have to do is believe you are worthy; and you are. Even if you don’t believe me, I know it’s true.

So there!

If you need some tricks to grow from triggers, I got you.

When you have unhealed wounds and you feel the need to pop off, try this instead:

  • Feel it. Take a deep breath & pause 🌬
  • Observe (don’t react) even though this will feel highly uncomfortable 🧐
  • Re-program the subconscious. Affirm: “I am grateful for this emotion and what it can teach me 😌
  • Watch as you form a new relationship with emotions as a form of feedback 👀
  • Release. Move forward 👣

Remember always to love yourself. You’re beautiful. I hope qui aide (that helps)

#staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

Today I am grateful for:

More time to learn about volunteering for counseling and therapy

• The “Help” function in Microsoft Excel

• Moments of solitude to clear my thoughts

Morning Reminders

AM Meditation:

What saddens you?

For me, the thought of dying alone or leaving this world without knowing a true love or being able to pass on my legacy would be pretty tragic.

What would make today great?

If I could discover different mediums of African art.


Release all the sadness and loss, to let the pain flow away

Afternoon Stretches

What amazing things happened today?

1. I finally finished a project at work I had been working on for over a month.

2. I was able to take some time to organize and clean my room from moving recently.

3. I’m learning the importance and the impact of racism on the sexual reproductive health of women of color.

How could I have made today even better?

If I could, I would have liked to spend more time creating a treatment for the latest film idea I have.

PM Meditation:

  • I love and accept myself just as I am.
  • I deserve love, health, happiness and prosperity.
  • I give and receive love effortlessly & unconditionally.
  • I feel stronger, more alive and energized each day.

Evening Affirmations

Evening Stretches

BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

If I could, I would like to attend my local farmers market to pick up some produce and create a plant-based meal prep for the week.

Follow me for more of that good good ! Until next time loves.

💚 Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Girl

What Can You Do When You’re About to Lose It?

Listen, I get it. Everyone gets frustrated. We lose our patience. Someone keeps sending passive aggressive emails. One thing goes wrong and the next thing you know, we’re in a mood. We then blow up on our kids and they can’t even comprehend why. It’s an everyday struggle to stay motivated when you feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. We’ve all been there before.

I’m here to tell you that there are other options. Feeling negativity and hate from others can affect your mood over time. That is why it is so important to protect yourself and your energy. By re-examining your environment and going in prepared, you may be able to help yourself or another person out of their funk and help your relationship as a result. So, the moment before we snap, consider a few tips to stop you from affecting your mood.

The next time you’re about to lose your cool around your kids, friends, your coworkers, or even customers, try this instead:

1. Breathe deeply. Sometimes just a couple of deep breaths can defuse an entire situation. Before you react, let go of that air in your lungs and breathe in and our for a moment or two while you compose yourself.

2. Pray for wisdom. Go on, set out your intentions for at least some kind of understanding of what is actually going on. Guidance is important in these situations. Sometimes what seems to be the cause of the bad mood isn’t actually what’s really going on. Try and take a step back from the situation and attempt to determine what could be the problem.

3. Be the benevolent boss. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, so this should be an easy reminder for you to be kind. Nobody wants to hear bad things spewing from your mouth. Practice using kindness from flattery to humor, but that depends entirely on the person’s personality. Try to validate how they’re feeling and try not to take it personally.

4. Examine your expectations. What do you aim to achieve out of this? If your desired result is peace, reassess yourself and how the situation is being handled. If you must get to the bottom of the problem, you can do it in a gentle way.

5. Stick to the boundaries. Know your limits, and set your boundaries accordingly. As long as you stick to them and stay consistent, there is no confusion as to where you stand on the matter. Being a good friend, parent, or employee doesn’t mean you always have to take the brunt of their bad moods. Protect yourself by deciding not to put up with it anymore, and sometimes you also just need to get some space from a situation.

6. State the consequences. If there is no justification as to why, the behavior may continue without a lesson being learned. Set consequences and state them so that they are understandable.

7. Say, “I need,” not, “You are.” When you put the emphasis on yourself, the other person might feel less threatened. Staying positive or saying something nice to the person who is in a bad mood may lift them out of their funk. It can also help bring you closer together during this unhappy time.

8. Think long-term. Understand this isn’t forever. Fortunately, bad moods come and go. Keep this in mind when you are in one or you’re dealing with someone who is in one. Knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel may help you get through the situation.

9. Ask forgiveness. Remove yourself from the situation if the person’s behavior is getting out of line or you can’t handle it anymore. You can tell the person, “I see that you are really upset about something, and I’m sorry for that. However, I need to walk away for a minute.” Keep in mind that you can choose your level of involvement and sometimes it is best to just ignore the person.

10. Say, “I love you too much to let you act that way.” Everyone needs a little reassurance every once in a while. You likely know the person well enough to understand how to handle them when they get in their mood. You may know that they want you to sympathize with them instead of giving advice. It is in your best interest to go into the situation prepared and doing what has worked in the past, but if you are unsure this will help, prepare yourself for how the situation could get worse.

You can do it fam! I believe in you. Handle those tough moments with wisdom and grace, and I guarantee you’ll come out on top. Good luck out there!

Turn a ➖ into a ➕


What’s good my loves? Hope you’re enjoying a positively marvelous day.

Yo! I’ve been finding myself telling white people lately that “you can,” and it’s making me stop to think, like really? Y’all ancestors pretty much colonized the entire world and forced beliefs on whole cultures but you really be limiting yourself to what you think you can and cannot do? Allow me to explain:

One night I went out dancing in LA. I have no problem going places by myself as I enjoy my own company, but people usually end up approaching and talking to me anyway. On this particular night, I found myself on the dance floor grooving along to the tunes the DJ was spinning at a Whiskey Bar. I noticed an older black man leading his white female date towards my direction and I saw her see me then start slow down. I overheard her say to her date, “Oh no, I can’t…” I honestly didn’t even hear the rest of what she said. Could have been, “Oh no, I can’t be seen dancing next to her,” or whatever, it doesn’t matter. She was probably thinking, I’m too old, too uncoordinated, too uncool to be here. So, without missing a beat, I grab her hands and pulled her out to the middle of the dance floor to dance with me saying, “Yes you can.” She stared at me, mouth agape and completely stunned. She embarrassingly repeated to her date, “Do you think she heard me? Did she hear what I said?” Susan, I didn’t have to hear you, but you need to hear yourself. Yes you can!

Another scenario I love is when white ladies ask me about my hair. “How did you get your hair like that?” My response, “I bought it that way.” Then all of the sudden they act as if they’re not as amazed because it’s fake hair. “Well I could never do that,” they reply. “Yes, you can,” I say confidently. Sure, you might look ridiculous and I’m in no position to tell you this Becky, but guess what, you can still look just like me if you really tried. I understand people wanting what they can’t have, but even when I tell them they can do their hair like mine, they’re convinced they could never pull it off. Funny, when we wear protective hairstyles to avoid the European beauty trends that have become so popular, people are still so curious and want the same thing for themselves. These things will never make sense to me, but then again, I grew up in Orange County. Makes me think that I have a very skewed grasp of reality.

So what do I do about it? Should I change who I am, dwell about my upbringing, or do I change my environment? Be the catalyst instead of the inhibitor. Whether you think so or not, you’re right. You can! We can! I say let’s invest in ourselves to bridge our communities for the greater good. We all face these similar struggles, but if your first instinct is to doubt your capabilities, then how are you really going to grow out of your comfort zone? Allow me to ask again. How are you planning on growing out of your comfort zone if your first instinct is to doubt your capabilities? And here we are.

I have this thing about sleep.

I like, love it.

I love sleep so much.

I like dream about it at night.

Especially in the day time. By the water front Zzzzs all day club. Don’t forget tea time.

Reminds me of those precious loving moments of clarity we get to experience so sparingly. I’m talking bout that me time. Queen Bee in her prime. Like right now. Me time.

But you see, I can’t sleep on this. After all, we’re limitless beings and we should act as such by continuing to love ourselves. If there’s any good from the passing of Nipsey Hussle, it’s that it opened up the eyes to a lot of people who were unaware of the positive impact that this beautiful soul left. His energy remains and the marathon continues.

Turn a negative into a positive 💙

#staywild #followwildthing #greeneyedblackgirl #wildones🐾

Today I am grateful for:

More faith in the process of learning to love myself

• Angelique Smith & Ermias Joseph Asghedom

• Friends who make the effort to put me on to certain things they think I might enjoy

Morning Affirmations

AM Meditation:

What do you blame yourself for?

I have to say, I really blame myself for not allowing myself the space and the freedom to mourn in peace. We all grieve differently, but sometimes you just need a good healthy cry. I owe that to myself every once in a while.

What would make today great?

If I could put more energy towards investing in my future and read on building a financial foundation.


Free my mind and reprogram it to be limitless.

Afternoon Workouts

Afternoon Stretches

What amazing things happened today?

1. I got the chance to experience the feeling of a sore body from physical activity again after taking a break from my Zumba fitness routine.

2. I got complimented on my hair by a random customer and he made me smile by reminding me to stay hydrated.

3. I’m learning tips and techniques to release negative thoughts and not react from triggers.

How could I have made today even better?

If I could, I would have liked to spend more time creating memories outdoors with friends and pick up some gardening skills.

PM Meditation:

I am enough and what I do is enough.

I love myself. I value myself. I trust myself.

I am a powerful, radiant, magnificent being of light.

I permit myself to fully enjoy everything I do.

Evening affirmations

Evening Stretches

BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

Taking in a moment of gratitude and appreciation for all the willpower I have accumulated in my life thus far.

Follow me for updates on my journey towards self love. Catch ya later!

~Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Girl 💚

Se Sentir Bien

Yo! How we feelin’?

Well, I hope! I remember as a kid always just wanting to feel good. This innate desire came in the form of happiness from physical activity and being outdoors in nature, to creating art with my brother and neighbors, or even from the arousal of “sex play” we all participated in at some point in our early development when learning about our bodies playing doctor or touching ourselves. As long as I felt good, all was well. Instant-gratification, this was a naive way of living life. Trust me, sometimes you need the bad to appreciate the good. You cannot have sunshine all the time because it also takes a little rain to make things grow. The same goes for us, as we should be able to express all the emotions to live a healthy balanced life. I would say I’m a little more aware of this now, at least that’s what my ego wants to believe. I’m coming to terms with the notion that nobody wants to hear about how happy you are all the time, so it is something I’m working on. Being more vulnerable definitely has its challenges, but it’s so worth it. Give it a shot. It might actually feel good 😏

What makes each of us feel good is different as we are all unique in our own special way, however, I believe this question of what feels good is more complex than we think. What makes us feel good might not be good for us. Let me say that again. What we think feels good to us might not actually be good for us, our mental, physical, or emotional health. It’s a hard pill to swallow, I know. I’m literally processing all of this information at the moment too. The fact of the matter is, if you are serious about self love, you must love all aspects of your self. Flaws and all. So let me ask again, how are we feeling?

Be honest!

I feel like the more we talk about how we’re doing, checking in with ourselves and our loved ones, then the more aware we become. Once we become aware, the more capable we are to do something about it. Capable, of course doesn’t always result in action, but it is definitely a crucial step if you want to believe in yourself. The first thing to initiate change is awareness. Thus, if we are aware of what makes us happy and feel good, we can take the necessary actions to continue feeling that way and making sure our friends and family receive the same love too.

By the way, happy spring equinox loves! We also have a supermoon looming in the sky, which might make you feel all out of sorts during this Mercury Retrograde. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Full moons have a tendency to make us feel a little more emotional and moody than usual, so if you’re need of a good cry, go ahead and let it out. I promise I won’t tell anyone 🤐 Your girl has already had about 3 emotional breakdowns, so I’m ready for and incredibly positive energy shift to bring a fresh new chapter into my life. How about you? Make sure to focus on manifesting creativity and abundance for yourself and set aside at least one hour everyday for some self-maintenance. Just 1 hour out of 24, you can do it. Your time to yourself can include reading, writing, yoga, meditation, painting, exercise, or whatever your heart desires. But please do this one thing, you deserve it! When you decide it’s time to finally believe in yourself, take action. Do it. Try replacing, “Why is this happening to me?” with “What is this trying to tell me?” It’s a game changer, for sure. Also know that Spring is the best time to clean out your life.

Start by:

    Cleansing your spirit.
    Clean out closets and drawers
    Clean off the clutter around your sleeping area.
    Clean out old papers and receipts.

The full moon will be a bit bigger and brighter than usual tonight, so make sure to go outside! Lastly, use this time to focused on partnerships and your self-identity. Start looking at the dark parts of ourselves that prevent us from forwarding movement and level up already!

Refuse to give up on yourself, after all, you are the most important asset.

So, you want a prosperous life? Stop and take a look at all you have to be grateful for right now. Believe you are capable and commit to change. Have pride, stay motivated, and keep going. Be strong and know there is a world of abundance all around you. Start with big dreams and make your life a life worth living. Good luck. Stay wild 💚

#staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

Today I am grateful for:

More self trust

• The Four Agreements book by Don Miguel Ruiz

• Shelter

Morning Affirmations

AM Meditation:

What do you blame yourself for?

For me, not using my voice to my advantage in the past is something I might consider regretting. I blame myself for not speaking up in certain situations when I easily could. When you have a voice, you have an obligation to use it to empower others. So here I am, writing this blog now 👩‍💻

What would make today great?

If I could gain a firm grasp on the direction I want my life to go it, make the decision and commit to my actions to manifest prosperity.


Accept that all of this is temporary

Day 19:

What amazing things happened today?

1. I had 7 new people join my Zumba fitness class.

2. I got complimented on my hair.

3. I got to enjoy an hour of reading before bedtime.

How could I have made today even better?

If I could organize a group of women in my community to come together in a moment of self-love with a full moon dance party, drum circle and eat vegan food that we grew together.

PM Meditation:

  • I am creative in all areas of my life.
  • I am open to receive all that life offers.
  • I forgive my past and embrace all of the positive moments of the present.
  • I have a healthy state of passion and sexual desire in my life.

Evening Stretches

BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

Taking the time to clean out and organize my room for moving out next month. Catch ya on the flip side.

Until next time, make sure to follow me for more love, loves!

💚 Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Girl


Be Daring. Mediocrity Changes Nothing.

Hello my loves!

So glad you made it. New year, new growth! It’s February, and you know what that means. My people, it’s time for a little self-reflection. Who out there identifies with the V-gang🌱? Fully plant-based vegan peeps, where you at? Comment below with your favorite vegan meal! I feel like people in general think I live this insane healthy lifestyle, but I don’t always hold myself accountable to such standards. Recently, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve decided the excuses have to stop and the time is now. My tip for you is make your health a priority; It’s like the cool thing to do, trust me on this one.

Allow me to share my journey with you:

“A good story is like a garden carried in the pocket.”

It’s said in West African cultures that there is an importance of stories represented through proverbs, demonstrating the values and wisdom of West Africa, and passed along throughout the generations. You ever get the feeling that no matter what you do, things will end up just working out in your favor? I guess, you could call it being blessed or Divine timing. We all know I already believe I’m blessed, but I hope you realize that you are too! Gross talk time… go ahead and cover your ears if you don’t want to hear it 🙉

So about a year ago I found out that I had been suffering from the lower abdomen pains of Fibroids, something about 75% of women experience at some point in their lives. Did I mention it’s more common in African American women? Bonus! These little suckers are non-cancerous masses found in and around my uterine walls, often changing in size and shape and causing severe unpleasant symptoms. I remember frequently waking up in the middle in the night, tossing and turning in agonizing discomfort wondering what the heck was going on inside my body? I even had a nice 3-day weekend in the hospital when I unknowingly tried to end my life with complimentary office donuts. Those grapefruit-sized little 🅰️-holes grew up to 17 cm inside of me. It’s basically like there’s another uterus inside my uterus. Yay! Good thing dancers have a high pain tolerance.

Want to know the treatment? Avoid foods that make fibroids worse like high-fat, processed meats, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine as well as keeping consistent with exercise. Hence, my lifestyle change! I am making the choice to take control of my life. With this responsibility, I am remaining at peace, dealing with what needs to be addressed, and reveling in everything else. Trust me, it’s not completely terrible, although I do have my uncomfortable days. I have high hopes for a bright future, and I only got blessings coming this way. I’m going to manifest and accomplish all of my dreams, I’m claiming it all! You could too. Remember to think, speak, and find a way to work your desires into the universe. She’s listening, you just have to pay attention.

So tell me why I’m driving to work the other day and it’s raining and I’m on the freeway, when all of the sudden I notice this wetness is dripping all inside from the passenger window? I was aware enough to react in time and put the window up, but completely unaware that the last time I rolled my windows up that I apparently neglected to get it all the way up; I view my life lessons in the same regard. If I am ever to try to do my best on the regular, I must be consistent in doing my best everyday. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s totally worth it. Just try it.

How do I plan on doing this, you ask? Selfpreservation!!! Checking in is one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves. We’re loving ourselves right, so why not show it? By knowing our limits, honoring our needs and desires, and taking the time to heal and repair, we are able to give ourselves more spark to radiate our internal light ✨

Home Girl Tips for Persevering

• Ask yourself what goals you would like to accomplish, and be specific. Understand why you want this goal and how you and others will benefit from it.

• Set your intentions to achieve your goal. What helps for me is tasking out my goal into small steps, working backwards from my desired outcome and attainment date. Also, know what resources can help you achieve your goal including people or even the good old Google search.

• Keep a positive attitude by expecting good things will happen. You could even try keeping a daily journal or dairy of your good experiences. Remembering to do this everyday makes me able to practice gratitude more effectively.

• Be here now. Live in the present time and try not to dwell on the past or worry about what might happen. By letting go of your attachments, you’ll learn to not fear everything that comes your way. Hopefully your stress and anxiety fades away too.

• Give yourself a little more credit for your accomplishments. Base these solely off of your own personal standards– not the Kardashians. Have the courage of your convictions, and don’t change or compare yourself with them.

• Try new experiences! Experiment with new ways of improving a products or services at work or other events or hobbies you enjoy. What works for me is looking into how successful individuals or collectives achieved similar goals to mine.

• Always take time to care for your mind, body, spirit and emotions. If you need to, use your phone to schedule quiet times to think and reassess. Put your phone on airplane mode while you’re at it! Practice mindfulness stress relievers such as deep breathing and exercise. For the love of all that’s holy, please I beg you– sleep, eat healthy, and take time for fun and friends. You deserve it!

• Go through your day as yourself living out your goal. Hold your desired outcome firmly in your mind. See it, smell the scents in the air, touch it, and hear all aspects of your goal coming to fruition. Repeat the process again at night.

• Lastly, persist. Just focus on goals daily. Ask yourself regularly whether your activities are moving you forward in the right direction.


Look at yourself in a mirror, take your phone out and reverse the camera so it’s facing you. (Whatever you have to do, please read these 10 lines out loud)

1. I believe in myself.

2. I have clear career goals.

3. I address my limitations.

4. I bounce back from disappointments.

5. I persist.

6. My family and friends support me in my pursuit of goals.

7. I can adapt to change.

8. I focus and complete projects.

9. My goals are consistent with my purpose and values.

10. I can follow my heart when I believe I’m right.

Now is the time my loves. There has never been a better time to inspire creativity, luxury, and romance into our lives. Love is healthy. We’re getting healthy. We’re loving ourselves. So, this month I’m continuing to focus on getting serious about self love and developing a healthy routine I can commit to. What does that entail? Definitely getting more sleep. You should too!

Choose to live life happy, healthy, and whole. Also, just enjoy the crap out of the day. It’s my day, it’s your day, it’s our day.

Love yourz 💚

#staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

Today I am grateful for:

Naps with rain as the background music.

• Energy

• Kindness from strangers

Morning Stretches

AM Meditation:

What are you most afraid of?

For me, not being able to reach my highest potential due to lack of motivation, knowledge, or experience would be one of the worst things to experience as a black woman in America. I have the right to exist.

What would make today great?

If I could remain in each moment that I am presented with and gain balance within myself to confidently pursue my goals of living the healthy alternative lifestyle.


Remembering that I am a forward progression constantly evolving. Strive to transform outdated expectations of privacy, secrets, and introspection.

Afternoon Stretches

What amazing things happened today?

1. I was able to express myself freely through art. Keep reading…

2. I got the chance to network with some close friends to discuss upcoming projects and business plans.

3. I started looking into logo designs for my new side hustle.

How could I have made today even better?

If I could, I would have liked to learn different techniques or methods my ancestors used to conquered their fears and find peace within.

PM Meditation:

  • I am fully grounded and supported.
  • I joyfully nourish my mind, body and spirit.
  • I have enough. I know enough. I am enough.
  • I accept that good health is my natural state.

Evening Stretches

BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

If I could, I would like to work on outlining my new business format and strategize an plan for acquiring investors.

You guys, I’m so proud of you for making it this far. I have one last question for you. What are your thoughts on the cannabis industry? I feel like there aren’t enough women who look like me profiting from this. Please go comment with your opinions below, I’m trying to do a little study.

Also…Get Out.

It’s brighter on this side cuz my worlds been flipped up side down

Yo check this out

My head is spinning

Top my shoulders round

Hear me!

Out now, she loud, black and proud Fem on the prowl

Fam you cold

Nah, that’s the sound

The ground

It’s rain, we pouring down


Ain’t out here preaching just keepin’ humble, showing queens their crowns

Why frown?

We outchyea and we building

We going coast to coast and we be so extra

Wildthing, cuz you know it’s the wellness queen, she’s the green-eyed goddess if you don’t know

Stay wild, wild ones

West side

You better show

Up for yourself, family, friends and frienemies too

Not even sure what haters are cuz I hate em like they’re tater tots


You get it, cuz everyone loves tater tots and thots

Which reminds me…


Catch up with me for more love wild ones!

💚 Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Girl

Sunday Funday

It’s January 2019! Give it up for yourself, you made it. I’m so glad you’re here. Yo, I’m here, you’re here, the gangs all here! But are we really? Think about that for a a second. Where are you? Where’s your mind at? While you’re reading these words, what other thoughts are building up in the back of your mind, deep in your subconscious?

Try this right now:

👃🏽Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the flow of the breath.

👅Pay attention to all your senses – for ex: notice the taste, texture of food.

👤Empty the mind – take a few moments to be still.

😌 As soon as the mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

👂🏽 Practice non-judgmental listening.

👁 Be aware of every daily activity (driving, texting, cleaning, etc.)

👣 Go outdoors. Walk around in nature.

🤗 Forgive yourself for every negative thought.

🙏🏽 Be grateful. Say thank you to nature, people and things.

👌🏽 Go easy on yourself – with time, you will see the progress!

…Do it. Go on, reread it again if you need to. Screenshot it. Save it in your brain for safe-keeping. Use it whenever you need to come back to this very moment in time. Because you were here. I was here, ganggang was all here. So keep your heads up kings and queens, and let’s enjoy this Sunday Funday!

Make a wish

What did you wish for? Was it for love or happiness? Health or good fortune? Don’t tell me! Whatever you wish for, I hope that you get it. Matter of fact, I know that you will. You deserve it! As for me, my wish is to stay focused on my creativity and planning for the future while maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with myself. How do I plan on achieving such a daunting task, you ask? With love, of course!

Also, this:

Now get out there! Go on, live your life and make your dreams come true. You deserve it! Have fun.

#staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

Today I am grateful for:

More time to myself for developing healthy habits

• Warm blankets

• Pure coconut water

Morning Stretches
Morning Affirmations

AM Meditation:

What attaches you to this world?

For me, what attaches me to this world is the connections made with others. I feel like we’re all lost souls floating around in space, so desperate for someone to show us a sign of love or a gesture of compassion. My goal is to transform my ego of the immature childish mind to the mature holistic and spiritually focused ego of the true mature adult, focused on moral virtue as opposed to childish self-centeredness.

What would make today great?

If I could put more energy towards releasing my ego attachment and not lose sight of who I really am. I aim to constantly remind myself that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.


Focus energy towards clarity and becoming more in tune with the universe and my spirituality.

Day 13:

Afternoon Stretches

What amazing things happened today?

1. I got the chance to hear a sneak peak of some new unreleased music.

2. I was able to let my body rest without the use of an alarm clock.

3. I got to enjoy dinner from this delicious restaurant that I tried once before in Los Angeles who has another location close to my house.

How could I have made today even better?

If I could, I would have liked to spend more time visiting local restaurants to be able to provide reviews for different menu items or offerings.

PM Meditation:

  • I am guided by my inner wisdom.
  • I am at peace, whole and balanced.
  • I honor my body as the temple that nourishes my soul.
  • I am connected with my higher self and the Divine Spirit for positive energy.
  • Evening Stretches

    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    Not being afraid to put myself first. Keep consistent with my healthy rituals and routines that I’ve set for January.

    That’s all for now. Keep reading, it’s good for you. Follow my journey for more of the good stuff!

    💚 Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Girl

    Life is Funny

    Welcome! You made it. I’m so glad because there is something important I need to tell you…


    Yo check this:

    I had to repost some knowledge from my girl because I’m over here like, smh…🤦‍♀️ “If this ain’t me!”

    Here’s a real story:

    As a kid, I remember my ears being sensitive to loud noises from the crashing sound of waves, to fireworks, and even movie theater sounds. I would just cry because the noises hurt my ears so much. Later on I found out when my mom was pregnant with me, she watched Michael Jackson’s Captain EO show at Disneyland. She told me she should not have been in there as the music was too loud for her. Of course, who would have known back in those days without any research or consideration. Way to go old school safety regulations. Cigarettes are still bad for us, right? What do I know? 🚭 Fast forward many years later, find me blasting music all loud in my car and singing at the top of my lungs. I give no F’s.

    REVIEW: There’s this excellent New Zealand film called Hunt for the Wilderpeople starring that main G from Jurassic Park, Sam Neil, and this other beautiful soul named Julian Dennison. Basically this rough neck kid says, “I didn’t choose the scuzz life, the scuzz life chose me!” I feel the same way lil’ homie. My life tends to be a little on the ridiculous side, but I still can’t complain. Why should I? We live in paradise. The sooner you can embrace what makes you unique, the better you’ll feel about yourself.

    Thus, if people say I’m acting weird. I say, perfect. I’ll go be weird over here and I’ll catch ya on the flip side. Whatever you do, just do you. While you’re at it, make sure you spread love and stay positive. Like Peter Pan did to try to fly, think happy thoughts.

    Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.

    This was me a year ago. My hair might have changed but I feel the same way. Our minds are beautiful creations and the fact that we spend the majority of our time and energy worrying about so many things we cannot control is heart-breaking. The wild thing is, we can control how we feel. Allow me to repeat myself, we can control how we feel! We have the power to decide the way we want to feel. Yo! You can “rewire” your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days. Try it. We choose whether we want to set ourselves straight like a thermostat rather than a thermometer. Don’t let the climate determine your mood. For me, the choice is clear. Around this time last year, my decision was to stay wild.

    Today, I feel like I can finally say I’m vibing with a decent tribe. My circle of friends consist of creatives in my community who have good hearts and love to spread in abundance. I’m learning so much from my little squad everyday. Most importantly, I’m getting time to myself so I can focus on my goals and the person I want to become. Though I am constantly attempting to push healthier habits into my daily routine, a good friend of mine reminded me that life is a freestyle event. We’re athletes, and in this sport, whatever happens will work itself out eventually. I should just take things each moment at a time and focus on being mindful on a more consistent basis.

    We always should appreciate where we are in life, but strive for health, happiness and betterment. My soul will be overflowing with love to give and to receive, and my community will be improved because of it. Mark my words. This time next year, I see myself settled into a house I call my own taking selfies on my comfortable California king bed with my little family and my six figure income. For real though, who knows where I’ll be at next year but one can dream. Why not dream big? I’m not saying fur babies are out of the question either, I’m still hoping for a puppy Christmas present one day 🤞🏽

    Closing quote for the year:

    “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

    Life is funny. Make sure to laugh about it every once in a while. Happy new year fam! See ya on the other side wild ones.

    #staywild #wildones🐾 #followwildthing

    Today I am grateful for:

    More honesty, especially about how I feel

    • The sound of laughter

    • Kindness from strangers

    Morning Stretches

    Morning Affirmations

    AM Meditation:

    What is separate and different to me?

    Empathy is one of those things that I struggle with in terms of equality and rights. I can certainly sympathize, but to have empathy for those who cannot see a person that may look like me as another human being isn’t as receptive. I’m not about to get into a religious or political debate, just know that there are two sides to every story. You can’t seem to win everyone over, but you can still at least try to choose your attitude. Fear and hate don’t win in this game called life. Choose love always 💚

    What would make today great?

    If I could travel beyond the fear-mentality that I have created for myself and have an overflowing cup of self love in order to spill love to those I come in contact with.


    Release all illusions within myself that I am not living the life I desire. Be the change I want to see in the world.

    Afternoon Stretches

    What amazing things happened today?

    1. I participated in a book exchange.

    2. I was able to hear from an old friend.

    3. I began planning my meal prep for January.

    How could I have made today even better?

    If I could, I would have liked to spend more time creating new memories and traditions with my family during the holidays, but just being able to see them at all is everything to me.

    PM Meditation:

      I am passionate, powerful, and productive.
      I am guided by my inner wisdom.
      I am connected with my highest truth.
      I am at all times safe, loved, guided and protected.

    Evening Stretches

    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    Creating a vision board to set my intentions for the new year, manifest my goals, and set myself and my family up for success in the future.

    2019, she ready!

    ✌🏽💚 S t a y • W i l d

    Thank You For This Day

    Thank you.

    Yo! Welcome back loves. I am so glad you could make it! Thank you for being here. Today, is a new day. Wow, all I can say is I feel blessed. Okay, truth or dare 😈

    You picked truth, didn’t you? It’s cool, you don’t got to lie to kick it.

    Well, the truth is, I dare you to think about one thing you’re truly grateful for. Go on, really think about it; just one thing. Hold onto it. Aww, doesn’t that feel nice?

    Okay, so why don’t we think about ourselves the same way? Like really love and appreciate ourselves and how far we’ve come? Evolution you guys, it’s real. We made it to this very point in time in the entire existence of mankind, so why not show ourselves the love we never received when we were younger?

    I feel like self love has so much to do with decision making and managing of relationships; positivity is key. There has to be a balance so that one finds the peace they seek. Today we are speaking from not only the mind, body, and soul, but also from the heart.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    So, here I am checking in again. How we doing? What’s going on inside? We feeling alright? It’s totally okay if we aren’t. I’m just checking to see if you checked.

    …So, did you? Check this:

    Many of us put in 40+ hours of work each week, 5 days a week away from our loved ones and generally not spending enough time with ourselves or managing our own thoughts. We crave more and more, spending so much money every single day, but at what cost? I’ll give you a hint: It’s running out… TIME! The one thing that’s indisputably worth more than money. And yet, here we are.

    Hang in there friends because it gets better, I promise. However, if it doesn’t get better for you, I suggest you find someone to challenge you to grow. After all, forward progression is what moves evolution along. You following me? In whatever way you’d like to grow, preferably towards a healthier lifestyle, may that person guide you towards your most desired goals. I hope you actually achieve them too! You really deserve the good life, so why not embrace it? While you’re at it, make sure you are someone who challenges you to grow. Also, don’t forget to love yourself.

    If loving yourself means having to let people know that you haven’t gotten back to them because you’re doing a balancing act with your career, health and fitness, side hustles and passions while simultaneously refocusing energy on your spiritual life, then please do this one thing for yourself. As long as one communicates their intentions with loved ones and keeps their priorities straight, then I say, “Go ‘head and love yourself!”

    Lastly, I just want to say thank you again. As if I haven’t said thanks enough already.

    Thanks –give it.

    #staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

    Today I am grateful for:

    The passion for growth and learning how to walk away from things that don’t align with my goals

    • The rain

    • Music

    Morning Stretches

    Morning Affirmations

    AM Meditation:

    What saddens you?

    For me, the thought of making the same mistakes over and over, not learning from my past, and re-living old moments in time gone wrong would be the definition of hell. Makes me sad to think I wouldn’t have known better to avoid repeating the same bad habits and not learning to be better after the first time. It’s definitely a learning process, and I’m working on this. Watch me grow to appreciate and accept my faults.

    What would make today great?

    If I could discover and capture the sounds of water droplets as they hit different surfaces to create new beats for songs.


    Be thankful for the little things, for they are the most important

    Afternoon Workout

    What amazing things happened today?

    1. I got to use my umbrella today.

    2. I was able to make it to work and back home safely.

    3. I’m learning the importance of patience in hazardous conditions.

    How could I have made today even better?

    If I could, I would have liked to spend more time creating a series on my YouTube channel experimenting with organic beauty tips and fitness routines.

    PM Meditation:

    Embrace even the seemingly insignificant artistic perspectives for they may actually have a viewpoint that could be vibrating at a higher frequency.

    Evening Stretches

    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    If I could, I would like to experiment with produce in season to create a plant-based healthy recipe for juicing and meal prepping.

    You guys, it’s December next week. Follow me for more self love! 💚

    30 – Just Live It

    Yo! I’ve been spinning on this planet for 30 years now.

    Is that a long time, or is time relative? I’ll let you think about that for a moment…It’s old, isn’t it?! Be honest with me 🙇‍♀️

    Alright, enough already….I’ve regained composure. Welcome back! Funny thing about me, I’m beginning to realize that not everyone can handle being around such a free-spirit like myself. This is because everyone has these imaginary boundaries they set for themselves. For some reason, most likely because of my upbringing, I am unaware whenever I am crossing someone else’s boundaries or making things uncomfortable for them. Either that, or I just don’t care as much 🤷‍♀️ Judgement is another one of those things for me, as I just don’t care enough to judge someone for who they are or the circumstances they find themselves in. Now if you’ve met me IRL, you’re probably thinking to yourself like, “What is she even talking about? She’s not even a little awkward.” Pause for a cause –you may not be experiencing the real wild thing.

    Allow me to explain:

    I can never tell if someone wants to really get to know me or if they really want to get to know what sleeping with me is like. Real talk. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m naturally a flirt, but my first world problem is that I crave genuine connections and want to get to know people inside and out –like on some deeper level ish; and I can’t. Terribly shy as a child, I grew up holding in a lot and biting my tongue. Now, I lack the words to say in most interactions because I want to avoid offending anyone with my inappropriate, blatantly honest and blunt demeanor. At least, I’m struggling with this. I might actually enjoy pushing the limits a little and making people feel disturbed sometimes; I think it’s funny, and it’s a fun way to live life.

    On that note, how’s life loves? Can we just go up to people and ask them how they’re doing mentally or emotionally already? Check in with each other regularly? When does that point come into play in our existence? I mean, that’s the game, right? Evolution is the survival of the fittest, and here we are at this very point in time. How we doing? Surviving? You good 👍🏽 I’m amazed you even lasted this long. I’m just messing with you… 😬 By the way, thank you for being here! It really wouldn’t be the same without you, just know that.

    As I was saying, boundaries; everyone has them. My hope is for more people to stretch their boundaries. Push their fears forward and do the things that scare them most. I guess my question is, how can we know what our boundaries are if we don’t truly know ourselves?

    Bingo! That is for you to figure out. Don’t forget to love yourself. Maybe even hug yourself? Try it, I’ll wait.

    ..Did you do it? 😹 Good. I’m glad. Now that we’re being honest with each other. I’m going to keep it real with you. I don’t hug myself. But who knows, maybe you might like it? I jokingly refer to myself as a try-sexual,” a self-coined phrase meaning I’ll try anything once, as long as it’s something I absolutely have zero desire to be addicted to. If I like it, I much try it again just to make sure. Nothing too hardcore, but sky-diving is something I’ve tried. Definitely don’t want to be addicted to it like those gnarly instructors attached to your back are doing jump after jump each day for a living. Frog legs from the fair and escargot 🐌 on a cruise ship, yes, I’ve tried those before. I’ll pass. I know you’re already thinking about it, but in regards to kinky bedroom stuff (i.e. choking and being tied up) save it, don’t even waste my time. I’m not down. By practicing this mindset, I open myself up to a world of adventures in my own safe environment known as my boundaries.

    So just trust me on this one thing, be friends first! It is said that in relationships, lust will eventually die, love will sway, and sexual attraction will come and go. Having the ability to love someone as a friend will keep you together even through the tough times. Now, I want you to consider some of the boundaries you’ve set for yourself. Why were they put in place? Which ones are you dead set on, and which ones are you a little more open-minded about and flexible with? Whatever they might be, live your life my loves!

    Just do it.

    #staywild #followwildthing #greeneyedblackgirl #wildones🐾

    Today I am grateful for:

    More faith in myself and in the process

    • The rain to help things grow

    • Electric cars

    AM Meditation:

    What do you blame yourself for?

    I have to say, I really blame myself for not putting in a ton of effort to keep in touch with my family members, especially during the holidays. I’m the youngest in my immediate family, and I feel like I should be able to look towards my elders for guidance in these family matters. It’s like when one member of the family passes, the bond isn’t as tight-knit or traditional as they used to be, but that isn’t even the case with my family. We just don’t ever plan get togethers at all, and I am considering changing that this year.

    What would make today great?

    If I could put more energy towards looking into owning property.


    Accept the fact that all I need to be is myself to receive the blessings that I desire.

    Afternoon Stretches

    What amazing things happened today?

    1. I got the chance to interact with an individual I truly look up to and admire.

    2. I danced in the rain.

    3. I’m learning how to better walk away from people and things that do not share my same interests.

    How could I have made today even better?

    If I could, I would have liked to spend more time creating beats and looking into podcast equipment.

    PM Meditation:

    I am great.

    I am confident.

    I can do anything.

    I can accomplish anything.

    I have a purpose.

    I am capable.

    I do.

    I am ambitious.

    I am intelligent.

    I am powerful.

    Evening affirmations

    Evening Stretches

    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    Taking in a moment of gratitude and appreciation for all the hardships I’ve endured in my life to get me where I am today.

    Follow me for updates on my journey towards self love. Catch ya later!

    ~Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Girl 💚

    It is Never Too Late to Get Your Life Together

    “Have the guts to be true to yourself. Nothing more.” ~Robin Sharma

    Welcome back! Is it too late for Happy November? It’s good to see you. I’m so glad you made it, and I don’t actually see you. But hear me out, I’m imagining you on the other side of your screen and I just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful. There! I said it 😌

    Anyway, hi! I hope you love yourself. I love you. Also, if you haven’t said that to someone today, I suggest you try it. See what it feels like. Maybe call your mom if you can, and if you can’t then call someone that you love. Tell them you love them. Just do it. I feel like it’s a nice thing to do and you’ll probably feel better once you finally get it over with. If you don’t go through with it, then just forget I said anything.

    My brothers

    My sisters

    My aunties

    My cousins

    My people.

    I feel for you man. Life doesn’t really seem like it’s easy for any of us.

    I have a story for you:

    This story is set in the 90s and involves my older brother; My big bro, I call him Big Chocolate. I’m Lil’ Chocolate, of course. We’re posted up at daycare in some lady’s house because my beloved single-mother is constantly working to be able to provide for us and get us both where we are today. I have nothing but love and respect for this woman. I learned a lot from her and may have picked up a few naughty habits, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank my mom. There is no one like Athena. Shout out to the moms! You all have one. Cherish your memories together.

    Back to the story: My brother and me would play together with the other kids in daycare and on this particular day, my brother was put in timeout. Was he being a bad boy?

    Comment below the first thought that came to mind! Why was my brother punished?

    It was for…singing. My brother was singing this old school Janet Jackson song called “Funky Big Band.”

    The lyrics go like this:

    “Got to be real

    If you want to hear the

    Funky big band

    We who knows it feel it”

    Funky Big Band, okay? So there we are, singing along to this song we’ve heard a dozens times before from our mom’s cassette tapes. Yes, cassette tapes. We’re in the 90s. So of course you can imagine what our nanny thought she heard my brother say. Now, at this age, yes we know cuss words. We even sang along to a number of songs with explicit lyrics that we probably should not have. Regardless, this song that my brother was singing did not have a bad word in it. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t a popular Janet Jackson song? Either way, it was her word against his, and there was nothing Lil’ chocolate could do to prove her Big’s innocence. She heard what she heard and he was punished. Fin 🔚

    Here we are, years later and still not able to fully grasp the magnitude of this concept. So many innocent lives lost due to “he said, she said.” Not to mention the “wrong place at wrong time” nonsense. My opinion is that to be seen as a threat is a difficult spot to be in. So how do we progress? Life just doesn’t seem fair no matter what we do, yet we still rise to the occasion. Stay shining, fam. The power of love is within us all, we just need to tap into it.

    Mankind! I honestly can’t figure out who has had it worse in society; the humans, the animals or the actual planet itself that we inhabit? Is it too much to ask for world peace? These feelings that come on strong like a ripple effect, waves of hatred and fear spreading throughout our DNA remind me of oil spilled into the ocean. Like really, there will always be different sides and opinions, which is great for our uniqueness and individuality. Unfortunately, the people who share my blood get killed more frequently in these instances with law enforcement and especially with the use of firearms. So, I’m curious to see if there will be a day when the colored man is not seen a threat in society. These beautiful beasts need not be tamed. Until then, stay up my friends ✌🏽

    Today I am grateful for:

    More sense of self-worth

    • Genuine connections

    • Amazon Prime

    Morning Stretches

    AM Meditation:

    What do I blame myself for?

    I struggle constantly with not hyping myself up enough. You’ll rarely hear me say I’m the best at anything, and I’m humbled by this. Even as a kid, I found that I had no desire to be the center of attention. Sure, I have confidence, but I struggle with the thought of going overboard with my ego and turning into an attention-seeking narcissist. Thus, I end up dimming my light for fear of seeming like I’m trying too hard. Then I get upset when I know I could have done better. It’s a never-ending cycle, and I’m working on it. Legends don’t become legends by not thinking they’re worthy of being legendary.

    What would make today great?

    If I could be more consistent with putting my energy towards meal prepping and not going out to eat everyday.


    Accept the fact that I have progressed this far and appreciate my journey.

    Afternoon Stretches

    What amazing things happened today?

    1. I was able to find some self care products that I recently ran out of.

    2. I looked into my spending habits to start budgeting for the holiday season.

    3. I am getting even more comfortable with the new operating system at work as I am answering questions some associates have.

    How could I have made today even better?

    If I could, I would have liked to spend more time learning how to control my breath while singing.

    PM Meditation:

    I am inspired.

    I am creative.

    I am joyful.

    I am in control.

    I am unique.

    I am special.

    I am kind.

    I am important.

    I feel.

    Evening Stretches

    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    Improving my skill-set and boosting my self love by providing a fun but challenging zumba workout for students in a new fitness class.

    📣 You’re a diamond, dear. They can’t break you.

    Stay wild #wildones🐾 Don’t forget to #followwildthing your #greeneyedblackgirl Neighborhood Friendly Home Girl!

    Until next time my friends. I’m peepin’ a show up in LA tomorrow night. Catch ya later 🦆

    New Practices

    My peeps! What up? I’m glad you made it! Look, I’m here to tell you, you’re here for a reason. Now, you and only you can determine what that reason is, but let me help you out a little. Everyone is familiar with that feeling deep down inside. That constant beating within our chests that makes us feel alive. I guess you could call it love?

    Allow me to explain:

    See, I question this notion of love because, believe it or not, I am not fully versed in the emotion …let me back up a little bit.

    Hi there! Call me a Wild Thing. I’m here to tell you, that you’re not alone. We all get that feeling deep down in the pit of our stomachs, and can’t quite explain it. Yet, we know it when we feel it. Love, could be described with words such as faith, passion, or lust. Whatever you call it, it’s why we’re here. Just trust me on this.

    If you look up, there’s an entire universe and we can’t see it. We’re sure it’s out there, and have we have scientific evidence; proof beyond reasonable doubt! But can we feel it? That’s a lesson for another day, but just know that I have a hard time grasping this concept of love due to the environment in which I was brought up in. Excellent childhood memories, but not so many affectionate gestures within the military household my grandparents raised their daughters (my mom and aunt) or grandchildren (my brother and me) in while drinking and smoking heavily. I feel like I turned out alright, but I’m still learning to heal myself from years of trauma. I think we all are; It’s the human experience.

    So ask yourself this, “What do you love?” Me? I love sleeping, I love the beach, I love laughter and jokes. Usually the inappropriate jokes get me, and yes I still find them funny.

    And I’m pretty funny — looking 😜 so, I love that about myself.

    Now go on, tell me what you love about yourself? Personally, I believe in order to allow someone to love you, you in turn must first learn to love yourself. I mean, that’s why you’re here right? I hope that’s why you’re here. Let me just say, thank you for reading my blog by the way! It really means a lot to me, and please comment below if want any questions answered or topics covered. You are appreciated!

    See, I too am on the journey for self love. I’m lost, but I’m hopeful, and I hope you enjoy this path you’re on to health and wellness.

    Alright, let me ask you a question:

    What are you going to do when opportunity knocks? Are you going to sink, or are you going to swim like a mo-fo? We all have a different goal in mind. You just have to consider yours, and I’m here to help you with that. Just pretend like I’m your cheerleader, because I’m going through it right there along with you. We’re in this journey towards self love together, and I hope we win.

    Good luck!

    #staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

    Today I am grateful for:

    • More courage to try new things

    • Kombucha

    • The right to vote

    Morning Stretches

    AM Meditation:

    What am I most afraid of?

    Not fully grasping the magnitude and importance of self-worth.

    What would make today great?

    If I could help out a friend in need.


    Let my fears flow away

    Afternoon Stretches

    What amazing things happened today?

    1. I’m getting a little more comfortable with the new operating system at work.

    2. I got to break in my new Nike sneakers gifted to me by my thoughtful Zumba students.

    3. I got the chance to catch up with my good friend to plan for weekend festivities.

    How could I have made today even better?

    If I could, I would have liked to learn a tradition passed on by my ancestors and practice speaking French.

    PM Meditation:

    Embraces past mistakes and turn them into lessons learned.

    Evening Stretches

    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    If I could, I would like to work on posting my fitness videos to YouTube for submission to different modeling agencies.

    Never fear! Your friendly neighborhood black girl is here. Follow me tomorrow for more realness. Catch ya later!

    Aim High

    Yo! I’m in South Africa baby!

    Wow, Africa. Cape Town, South Africa. You’re beautiful.

    Story time:

    So I’m at LAX going through general check in because I’m a G, and I’m clean. Also, I made sure my outfit had no panty lines, no pockets, nothing to hide. But for SOME reason, the monitor shows a square of yellow near my heart and my right ankle. This gentle creature asks me in her little authoritative voice if I had any money or cell phones stored near my chest as she checks me? First off, why would money show up on the monitor, of all things? I thought they’re supposed to detect something like a weapon? My other question is, why is money or cell phone stashed in my bra something that someone who looks like me would do? Oh, because it is. Even though I’m against it, and remember I’m wearing a full body suit so you can see every curve of my body, I do know many women who tuck their phones in their bras for safe keeping. I will say this, “If we know better, we should do better.” And of course, the TA agent then had to wipe my hands, and yes, I’m still clean. Thank you for the photo op, stay up queen.

    Made it through in the end and some girl complimented me on my outfit on the way out too. Win!

    I wonder if I was a Crazy Rich Asian would still be treated similarly? Would I get stared at the same way? Who knows 🤷‍♀️

    Aim high, then fail hard. Success comes somewhere after.

    #staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

    Today I am grateful for:

    More time for learning

    • Automatic cars

    • Healthy snacks

    Morning Stretches

    AM Meditation:

    What saddens you?

    For me, the thought of dying alone or leaving this world without knowing a true love or being able to pass my legacy on would be pretty tragic.

    What would make today great?

    If I could discover different mediums of African art.


    Release all the sadness and loss, to let the pain flow away

    Day 4:

    Afternoon Stretches

    What amazing things happened today?

    1. I got to drive on the left side of the road today for the first time.

    2. I was able to take a nice stroll along the beach.

    3. I’m learning the importance of water conservation.

    How could I have made today even better?

    If I could, I would have liked to spend more time creating an art project or experimenting with a different medium like fashion and film.

    PM Meditation:

    Embrace unique artistic perspectives and high art competence..

    Evening Stretches
    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    If I could, I would like to experiment with local products and to create a plant-based healthy recipe.

    Follow me tomorrow for the latest from the Rocking the Daisies Music Festival!

    Give a Little

    Yo! How are you feeling?

    Be honest!

    Okay, that’s better, you took long enough. I’m just messing with you 😜

    Since we’re on the subject, time is a thing, right? Or is it? I honestly believe our perception of this concept is so important to us in our everyday lives. We believe it exists whole-heartedly because we have no other basis to explain how things age. So we dwell upon it and calculate our days on this earth for fear of not living life to its fullest. That’s really the answer to life in my opinion; How do you live a happy life? Simply, by living it.

    Understand this:

    1 – 2 – 3 – 4 vs. 1-&-2-&-3-&-4 vs. 1-&-a-2-&-a-3-&-a-4

    Same amount of numbers, but different beats. Again, this goes back to the notion and perception of time. It’s all relative. Time is what you make it, similar to life.

    Have you all seen this movie The Shape of Water? It seems to me that this concept is similar to our perception of time. This creature accepts the main character as a female counterpart, or perhaps an equal, even though she is a mute and unable to fully communicate with other humans who don’t understand sign language.

    Everyone has different wavelengths, only a certain few we chose to listen and respond to.

    Spoiler Alert! First, the creature was shown what felt like pain and then was shown love by the main character. Of course he chose the feeling of love! That is precisely what we must do.

    Hold tight to the things that make us feel that type of way, brighten your day type of way, make your hips sway type of way. You see I ain’t from the bay but gettin hella hyphy and it’s cray, crawfish slingin’ negative energy out my face, remember my name when you in this place, Cali! Representin’ in this place! OC holla with me in this place, show me you feel me, y’all remember MySpace? That’s love.

    Give a little bit.

    #staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

    Today I am grateful for:

    More self love

    • Friends who tolerate me and my busy schedule

    • Water


    AM Meditation:

    What do you blame yourself for?

    For me, not being 100% passionate or committed to anything I’ve participated in my life is a huge reason I’m so hard on myself. I blame myself for the procrastination, the denial, and naivety of my choices.

    What would make today great?

    If I could put more energy towards setting healthy habits and seeing them through.


    Accept the reality and forgive myself

    Day 2:

    Afternoon Stretches

    What amazing things happened today?

    1. I got complimented on some sandals that my mom bought for me.

    2. I was able to say bye to my mom and brother before heading out on my vacation.

    3. I’m still challenging myself by learning this new operating system at work.

    How could I have made today even better?

    If I could, I would have liked to spend more time creating music, finding different sounds, and researching the other artists performing at this music festival I’m about to attend.

    PM Meditation:

    Embrace radio noise to improve for tomorrow. Seek a universal song.

    Evening Stretches

    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    Immersing myself in a mindful moment filled with self love.

    I got a full day of flying tomorrow ✈️ Follow me for updates on my trip to South Africa!

    Happy – Healthy – Whole

    Is the sky really the limit?

    Hello October!

    …You still surviving out there? Good! I’m so glad you made it.

    When you’re the product of a traumatic environment, you sense things differently than most. Personally, I’m going through a journey to find my tribe, Moana style 🐭🌀🙎🏽🐚🌊🌴🏞🌋🎶 I want to be able to express myself artistically and remain true to the childlike free-spirit within me, say what’s on my heart, but for some reason I stay quiet and reserved in most everyday encounters. I’m socially awkward amongst peers, an exotic beast in a shallow bubble called the 😮🌊 OC – Orange County, CA.

    Take this fantastic movie for example:

    Captain Fantastic, staring Viggo Mortensen. This is a gnarly one from the beginning, it’s got thrills, and tears, and cheers, it is the real deal, you feel?
    That, is a family cult I wouldn’t hate joining. Society is getting scarier for our youth everyday. Why not teach them basic survival skills at a young age to ensure a brighter and more successful future? Watch it, and see for yourself. This tight-knit family unit makes me even question my own expensive and broken public educational systems.

    Honestly, I believe there should be a time in every part of one’s day for napping/meditation/personal reflection. Maybe people wouldn’t be so moody if they got a little more rest and relaxation? When I was younger I convinced myself to stay awake because of that Aerosmith song, 🎤”I don’t want to close my eyes. I don’t want to fall asleep, cause I’d miss you babe and I don’t want to miss a thing.” So much fomo…The fear of missing out was so real. That is why I feel like many of us use social media as a means of capturing candid moments in our lives. We “don’t want to miss a thing.”

    We have a unyielding psychosis that our lives are the center of the universe. If only we just looked up every once in a while, we’d see we’re not really alone. There is so much buzzing above us that we can’t even see. There is so much beauty around us and we’re practically desensitized by it. Within us, its like Heaven on Earth, but we wouldn’t know it unless the image was blasted on Twitter, reposted on Instagram and tagged with location and a Lo-Fi filter, or whatever. I will say that I believe an album of a person’s reflection is a beautiful form of artwork; I guess another millennial hobby like scrapbooking was to our moms and their moms. We now take on social media to reach out to strangers so we can make our presence known. It’s truly viral.

    Thus, I choose to live life happy, healthy, and whole.

    #staywild #followwildthing #wildones🐾

    Today I am grateful for:

    More rest

    • The opportunity to make someone smile

    • Protein bars

    Morning Stretches

    AM Meditation:

    What are you most afraid of?

    For me, self-sabotage is a habit I am constantly trying to break. Missed opportunities and blocking my own blessings has always been a fear of mine.

    What would make today great?

    If I could gain balance within myself in order to bring balance to the world.


    Let my fears flow away

    Day 1:

    Afternoon Stretches

    What amazing things happened today?

    1. I got a t-shirt made in time to bring to a music festival I’m attending this weekend.

    2. I got complimented on my hair by another beautiful woman who said she was going to try blonde soon too.

    3. I got the chance to challenge myself by learning a new operating system at work.

    How could I have made today even better?

    If I could, I would have liked to learn something new about my culture and practice speaking another language.

    PM Meditation:

    Embraces past mistakes and make the best of your future.

    Evening Stretches

    BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

    If I could, I would like to complete my fitness model resume for submission to different modeling agencies when I return from my vacation next week.

    Catch up with me tomorrow for

    more love!

    Wild Thing?

    What are you?

    Seriously asking, what are you? Do you know? Have you had your DNA identified before? Got me wondering myself, like what even are you?

    You’re curious, and I laugh because I’d probably say some blatantly honest and unusual stuff looking at me too. I just think its moments like these that keep life interesting.

    Allow me to explain:

    One day the entire universe said INFINITY!!! Fast forward a couple of light years later and here we are, stuck on this rock we call Earth complaining about the stupidest… [yes, I just googled “stupidest” to see if it was a real word]…the stupidest insignificant little issue we have that makes us feel a certain way and we don’t like it. I mean we all do it, and who can blame us? We’re humans with emotions. It makes me wonder, like who the F* do we think we are? [I censor myself because I really enjoy the word and genuinely enjoy a nice 👉🏽👌🏽 too, but I’m trying to accommodate everyone’s moral tastes] I’m a libra by the way ⚖️ I digress…

    You deserve happiness, and no one has the right to take that feeling away. The problem is I think that what we crave most is the thing that causes us so much pain; the rollercoaster ride, free-fall, that daggers to the heart, makes you smile uncontrollably, feeling of love.

    That’s why you’re here reading this blog, right? I mean, at least I hope that’s why. Keeping reading because it’s good for you; and since we’re on the subject, what is one non-physical attribute that love about yourself?

    Do it, pick one thing. I’ll wait. Think about it long and hard, and don’t tell me 😏

    …okay you got it? Perfect. That is your positive energy power. Now on the flip side, there are probably a ton of things you can think of for your flaws. Stop! Now, think back, what was that thing you loved again?

    Keep doing you, you’re killing it right now! 🙌🏾

    So that was an easy motivation for you because it means sweet victory everyday just by being you. Feels awesome, right? Bonus! If you can think about your flaws this way, and change your mentality by using positive vibes, you can not lose. I mean, you might lose a little, or maybe even a lot; that baggage or emotional damage, the chains hindering your deepest most passionate ambitions. We’re still slaves, there’s no denying it. I just hope that more people become aware as I am striving to be from this point on.

    My goal is simply to allow myself the freedom to love fully and be loved for by all those I come in contact with. Spreading love to those who seek the alternative lifestyle is not a task for the weary. That is why it cannot be done alone. This is our journey, and the current is a wave of an adventure.

    So start now, there is no reason to wait. Tomorrow is never promised and today is almost too late.

    I asked earlier a complex question; what are you? What is love and how do we achieve happiness? These are all legit questions and I bet you’re wondering where do we even begin? [Now I’m pointing to the screen at you] What even are YOU? The answer is up to you. You are a product of your environment and Mother Nature intended it be as so. So show us what you are made of, and make damn sure it’s beautiful. Shine on stars ✨

    Follow me tomorrow for more love…💚

    Follow My Journey

    Thank you for joining me! I’m so glad you’re here. Ask yourself this:

    If time, money, and place were not a consideration, what would I love to do with myself and my energy?

    Then ask yourself the following questions:

    • Why?

    • What can I do to go there?

    • What stands in my way?

    • Is it a real or perceived limitation?

    • How can I transform these obstacles?

    • How can I change my current lifestyle to accommodate this and move toward the goal?

    You’re going to realize it one day — that happiness was never about a job, or your degree, or a relationship. Happiness was never about following in the footsteps of all those who came before you, it was never about being like the others. One day, you’re going to see it — that happiness was always about the discovery, the hope, the listening to your heart and following it wherever it chose to go. Happiness was always about being kinder to yourself, it was always about embracing the person you were becoming. One day you will understand. That happiness was always about learning to live with yourself, that happiness was never in the hands of other people. It was always about you. It was always about you. — Bianca Sparacino


    How to Stay Motivated When You Just Aren’t Feeling It?

    Need some tools to keep you going throughout the week? I got you fam! Sometimes things come up and we just aren’t in the mood to handle business. Staying disciplined is key.

    Success looks like an iceberg. What people see compared to the size of what really happens underneath the surface are completely different. To acquire this success, there are stepping stones in which you must cross; from having the vision, being motivated, determination, to having patience and committing to the effort to keep positive thinking focusing on your desire, self esteem, persistence and belief in your goals. So what are you waiting for? You got this!

    What people may not realize is the hard work you put into getting to know yourself and practicing self love so that you may be successful. So I say, keep doing you. Make your moves in silence. Secure the bag.

    We get 24 hours in a day. How you manage your time is entirely up to you. Are you going to spend you precious moments scrolling through social media or are you going to put your talents to use by investing in yourself and your health? Be proactive with your decisions in life. Plan, evaluate and take action. Acquiring some long term and short term goals can help achieve this. If you’re thinking where do I even start? Start here. Start right now.

    If you often hear yourself saying, “One day,” then I suggest you take the necessary measures to turn that saying into “Day one.” Why wait? There’s no time like the present time! We often don’t realize the one thing standing in our way is us. Life is all about the journey, and not the destination. If you don’t appreciate where you are at now, how will you ever get to where you want to be?

    What we can focus our attention on right now is practicing gratitude as it will attract more positives into our lives. Remember to also be patient with yourself, because greatness doesn’t come overnight. Even if you feel fear, have the courage to step forward and embrace it by using daily positive rituals to keep you focused on you. So what are you waiting for? Start today. Reset those bad habits.

    First, think of a habit you want to change. Maybe your first instinct when you wake up is to grab your phone. You have to think, what does that give me? What feelings do I attach to this action? My first thoughts are usually family and work to make sure I’m not late to something. Instead, what I can replace this with is journaling and drinking a warm cup of tea. So, what’s my solution? I move my phone into the bathroom every night before I go to sleep.

    The same concept can be applied to that critical self talk you fill your brain with. You really believe you’re getting that self control you’ve been yearning for, but maybe you just need to smile more. Try practicing humor and detachment by nicknaming your critic. Miss Jay Bae the Procrastinator in my head likes to think she runs this show. Ha! She thought… Remember to keep your friends close. They should be able to hold you accountable in your moments of unclarity.

    Maybe for you, accountability looks like not sitting around waiting for opportunity to present itself. If you’re looking to increase your productivity and flow, try to incorporate walking or meetings into your week. Make sure to schedule as such. Your phone has an alarm and a calendar at your fingertips.

    Lastly, if you’re the type of person who needs to unwinds with a glass or two of wine every night, you could try swapping it with a session of restorative yoga. Schedule a class at your local studio and remember to always be teachable.

    You can and will be successful if you believe in yourself. It all starts with you!

    Farmers Markets & Collecting Seeds 4 Change

    Gotta love spring time 🌼 thanks for sharing sis!


    Orange County, California is #blessed with handfuls of healthy people pushing eachother towards good lifestyle habits.

    I have found that seeds of wellbeing are easy to pick up, just by living in California or areas with close proximity to nature.

    Journal #3 April 1st

    Consider how now your Daily exercise habits are made easy due to this environment. Offer gratitude by using familiar resources, the neighborhood track, my Gardent, state parks and trails which I intend to explore while learn about native plants. I will #Hussle harder to spread seeds of



    Getting Outdoor time is not easy breezy for some of #US. We all care about someone, what about their level of wellness in life?

    WHEN we must stay, work & travel outside our ideal healthy environments HOW DO we coexist then spread the love of good choices?

    🐝How does one thrive in a new place…

    View original post 230 more words

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Girl’s Tips for a Successful Week

    Dear Young Black Professional,

    Kudos to you for taking the necessary steps to having a great work week. You’re thinking about your future-self, and why shouldn’t you? That is one thing I believe more of us need to commit to when we finally decide we are putting our foot down and in the right direction towards reaching our highest potential.

    People don’t decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future.

    Stop! Read that again.

    You are the only one limiting yourself from greatness. So, I just wanted to say I feel honored that you are utilizing me as well as the amazing community of beautiful people YBPOC has brought together to rejuvenate the black experience in Orange County.

    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving this blog a read. I hope you love each post and find them to be a useful resource for betterment as much as we do. If you ever have any questions or suggestions on topics you want covered, please feel free to reach out to our collective of millennials. We will do our very best to take care of you and get your questions answered!

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Girl,

    Jenevieve “J” Hutchison

    Email :

    Twitter : @Real_Wild_Thing

    Instagram : @followwildthing

    “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    It’s 2019 fam. You owe it to yourself to be the very best version of yourself. Here’s the harsh reality about the world we live in: Jobs these days seem to want you to neglect your kids and families, forget your health, stay energized without getting tired, and be on time. So my question for you is, “What does the first hour of your day look like?” Do you have a powerful morning routine to set your day up for success, or does your morning routine look more like a fire drill? 

    • You scramble to find work clothes
    • Skip breakfast or gobble down fruits quickly
    • Anxiously rush out the door hoping you will arrive to work on time

    Maybe it’s about time to evaluate your schedule to make sure that the start of your day is more calm and goes smoothly? The morning is the time and place before all responsibilities of the day take over. Before email, work meetings, and social obligations, the morning is the space before anything “ruined” your day. Before you dive into your crazy work week, allow yourself to take a moment and prepare yourself for what you’re about to get into. After all, if you could see what’s coming, you wouldn’t stress about what’s happening. When you become aware, you gain a slight edge over any situation that may come your way and have more of a chance for coming out on top. I bet you’re wondering where do I even begin?

    The important thing you want to do is develop a healthy routine to get you on the right track. How can we do this, you ask? By utilizing mindfulness! Are you mindful? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re in luck. Mindfulness can be cultivated into a formal practice like meditation, and you can even begin today, right this very moment if you’d like. When you’re mindful, you achieve the ability to pay attention to the present moment, with curiosity and without judgement. The benefits of mindfulness include:

    – Increased empathy and compassion

    – Improved immune functioning

    – Improved sleep

    – Greater focus and concentration

    – Reduced stress and anxiety

    So what are you waiting for? Start now! By being mindful, you are making the choice to set yourself up for success. I recently started incorporating this into my daily routine and what really helped me adapt these mindful techniques is something called The Five Minute Journal. The best part is, you don’t even have to go out and buy this thing. All you have to do is keep a journal by your bedside and stay committed to the process. By jotting down my thoughts and thinking positively with this simple structured format, I found it much easier to start and end each day with gratitude, which in turn made me feel like I could take on the entire world!

    When you wake up in the morning, you are fresh and have the precious opportunity in the first few minutes to set the tone for the rest of the day. So, make it count! With this short morning routine, your life will quickly change. It’s really quite simple:

    1. Wake up – Write down in your journal 3 things you are grateful for. Ask yourself, “What would make today great?” Recite affirmations for a little morning motivation. Drink a glass of water and make your bed. Try out these affirmations: I am a successful professional in my work setting. My business is growing everyday. My income increases daily. I am so grateful that I get to work when I want, where I want, and with whom I want. I am in the presence of great influential men and women in my workplace.
    1. Get in the zone – Quiet your mind and center yourself with a 10-minute meditation. If you’re new to this practice, try using an app like “Headspace” to keep you focused.
    2. Get moving – If you can do some yoga poses or stretching, this will really help you to get the blood flowing. Check out the “7 Minute Workout” app for simple daily workout routines. It’s only 7 minutes, so you have no excuse. Imagine 7 minutes in heaven. The lungs, digestive system, as well as muscles and joints will all benefit from practicing Sun Salutations. (image source: result for sun salutation
    3. Put the right food in your body – Your breakfast should be between 250-300 calories and include fruits, veggies and protein. If time is of the essence, try preparing overnight oats the night before, meal prepping, and even protein shakes or smoothies could save you time when you’re on the go. I always try to keep some healthy snacks in my bag if I ever get any midday cravings. Be sure to enjoy low-calorie snacks throughout the day between meals and drink lots of water to stay healthy, hydrated, and glowed up. Think about what supplements, multivitamins and probiotics you can incorporate into your diet as well to ensure your body is getting everything it needs to keep you going.
    4. Get ready – Shower, wash your face, brush your teeth (preferably fluoride-free and cruelty-free natural products without all those harmful chemicals), and don’t forget to floss.
    5. Get inspired – While grooming (hair & makeup), I like to listen to music, audio books, or podcasts depending on my mood. This boosts my morale way more than watching the news. The goal is to think positively before you get to work. Try to always put moisturizer and SPF on your face 20 minutes prior to heading out of the house.
    6. Get perspective – Think about your intentions for the day. These should be clearly set the night before when you’re planning and executing your evening routine. Write things down or set alarms on your phone if that works for you.
    7. Do something to move you forward – Stay motivated by visualizing accomplishing your goals but also reward yourself once you actually follow through with them. When you take things one day at a time, believe in yourself and surround yourself with positivity, there is no way you can fail.

    Lastly, do not forget to love yourself. Seriously, self-love and confidence are some of the most important skills you can acquire in your life! Not only does it make you more attractive both inside and out, but it is simply good for your health and well being. Be self-confident as often as possible, and don’t be so hard on yourself while you’re at it. You are not your job. You are a beautiful human being, so embrace yourself. Be ready for a new chapter to start for you once you are ready to take the first step. Remember, life is an adventure to explore whilst you have fun. It’s time to enjoy your life, it’s time for change. Go for it! Cheers to a successful week.

    Full blog post found here: