Happy – Healthy – Whole

Is the sky really the limit?

Hello October!

…You still surviving out there? Good! I’m so glad you made it.

When you’re the product of a traumatic environment, you sense things differently than most. Personally, I’m going through a journey to find my tribe, Moana style ๐Ÿญ๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿ™Ž๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿš๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒด๐Ÿž๐ŸŒ‹๐ŸŽถ I want to be able to express myself artistically and remain true to the childlike free-spirit within me, say what’s on my heart, but for some reason I stay quiet and reserved in most everyday encounters. I’m socially awkward amongst peers, an exotic beast in a shallow bubble called the ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐ŸŒŠ OC – Orange County, CA.

Take this fantastic movie for example:

Captain Fantastic, staring Viggo Mortensen. This is a gnarly one from the beginning, it’s got thrills, and tears, and cheers, it is the real deal, you feel?
That, is a family cult I wouldn’t hate joining. Society is getting scarier for our youth everyday. Why not teach them basic survival skills at a young age to ensure a brighter and more successful future? Watch it, and see for yourself. This tight-knit family unit makes me even question my own expensive and broken public educational systems.

Honestly, I believe there should be a time in every part of one’s day for napping/meditation/personal reflection. Maybe people wouldn’t be so moody if they got a little more rest and relaxation? When I was younger I convinced myself to stay awake because of that Aerosmith song, ๐ŸŽค”I don’t want to close my eyes. I don’t want to fall asleep, cause I’d miss you babe and I don’t want to miss a thing.” So much fomo…The fear of missing out was so real. That is why I feel like many of us use social media as a means of capturing candid moments in our lives. We “don’t want to miss a thing.”

We have a unyielding psychosis that our lives are the center of the universe. If only we just looked up every once in a while, we’d see we’re not really alone. There is so much buzzing above us that we can’t even see. There is so much beauty around us and we’re practically desensitized by it. Within us, its like Heaven on Earth, but we wouldn’t know it unless the image was blasted on Twitter, reposted on Instagram and tagged with location and a Lo-Fi filter, or whatever. I will say that I believe an album of a person’s reflection is a beautiful form of artwork; I guess another millennial hobby like scrapbooking was to our moms and their moms. We now take on social media to reach out to strangers so we can make our presence known. It’s truly viral.

Thus, I choose to live life happy, healthy, and whole.

#staywild #followwildthing #wildones๐Ÿพ

Today I am grateful for:

โ€ข More rest

โ€ข The opportunity to make someone smile

โ€ข Protein bars

Morning Stretches

AM Meditation:

What are you most afraid of?

For me, self-sabotage is a habit I am constantly trying to break. Missed opportunities and blocking my own blessings has always been a fear of mine.

What would make today great?

If I could gain balance within myself in order to bring balance to the world.


Let my fears flow away

Day 1:

Afternoon Stretches

What amazing things happened today?

1. I got a t-shirt made in time to bring to a music festival I’m attending this weekend.

2. I got complimented on my hair by another beautiful woman who said she was going to try blonde soon too.

3. I got the chance to challenge myself by learning a new operating system at work.

How could I have made today even better?

If I could, I would have liked to learn something new about my culture and practice speaking another language.

PM Meditation:

Embraces past mistakes and make the best of your future.

Evening Stretches

BONUS: What do I plan on accomplishing tomorrow?

If I could, I would like to complete my fitness model resume for submission to different modeling agencies when I return from my vacation next week.

Catch up with me tomorrow for

more love!

Make a Wish

Welcome back loves! I’m glad you made it.

Hey, I want you to make a wish ๐Ÿ”ฎ

…So did you make one? My wish was for the confidence to love myself as much as I love sleep.

You guys don’t understand, the struggle is so real for me. Sleeping is the best part of my day, and I’m not just saying that because I’m tired. Sleep is rejuvenation for your mind, body, & soul, and it’s where dreams take place. It is a fresh start and a reset button. That’s where I feel most at home.

Everyone has their own problems, some people are just better at hiding them. Those few fortunate are the lucky happy people who choose to not dwell on what they cannot change.

None of us chose this life, so the important thing is to be happy with it. You are the one who decides what is necessary to achieve a healthy happy life. It is your choice.

Leave your limitations behind. It is possible to choose your own lifestyle. Unshackle your mind.

Practice makes perfect:

What am I counting…2,3 For?

I have this beat. I guess it’s some innate rhythm, my heartbeat; It gives me life and what I thrive on is the counting. As Pythagoras once theorized, “the essence of life is numbers, patterns,” I too feel like life has a constant flow in which we are merely a special energy force, our role within the orchestra of the universe.

Got dancing in my blood and it’s flowing true like my rhymes will do, this repetitious act is the fact the truth my disorder is this: I count in my head.

Here’s an example:

In doing squats on the daily I count to 20 over and over and over. Then comes stretching and I throw in some counting down; it’s 10, 9, 8, 7, you know the rest like taking a test you’re counting down the seconds-the time till heaven, or hell, and it’s your spell, and you’ve done swell. Hell, we made it this far. Now, know who you are, you really are, shine bright, like just a star, diamonds up, chins up, fists up, raise up that crown gyal. And it’s her story, be proud, embrace the glory, can’t show no hate. I’m out here quotin Bey when I say, “Okay ladies now let’s get in formation!” And slay in 5,6,7, and 8…

Be the first one on the dance floor. Just trust me on this one.

Farewell September. Until next rotation. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ

~Wild Thing

Wild Thing?

What are you?

Seriously asking, what are you? Do you know? Have you had your DNA identified before? Got me wondering myself, like what even are you?

You’re curious, and I laugh because I’d probably say some blatantly honest and unusual stuff looking at me too. I just think its moments like these that keep life interesting.

Allow me to explain:

One day the entire universe said INFINITY!!! Fast forward a couple of light years later and here we are, stuck on this rock we call Earth complaining about the stupidest… [yes, I googled “stupidest” to see if it was a real word]…the stupidest insignificant little issue we have that makes us feel a certain way and we don’t like it. I mean we all do it, and who can blame us? We’re humans with emotions. It makes me wonder, like who the F* do we think we are? [I censor myself because I really enjoy the word and genuinely enjoy a nice ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ too, but I’m trying to accommodate everyone’s moral tastes] I’m a libra by the way โš–๏ธ I digress…

You deserve happiness, and no one has the right to take that feeling away. The problem is I think that what we crave most is the thing that causes us so much pain; the rollercoaster ride, free-fall, that daggers to the heart, makes you smile uncontrollably, feeling of love.

That’s why you’re here reading this blog, right? I mean, at least I hope that’s why. Keeping reading because it’s good for you; and since we’re on the subject, what is one non-physical attribute that love about yourself?

Do it, pick one thing. I’ll wait. Think about it long and hard, and don’t tell me ๐Ÿ˜

…okay you got it? Perfect. That is your positive energy power. Now on the flip side, there are probably a ton of things you can think of for your flaws. Stop! Now, think back, what was that thing you loved again?

Keep doing you, you’re killing it right now! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

So that was an easy motivation for you because it means sweet victory everyday just by being you. Feels awesome, right? Bonus! If you can think about your flaws this way, and change your mentality by using positive vibes, you can not lose. I mean, you might lose a little, or maybe even a lot; that baggage or emotional damage, the chains hindering your deepest most passionate ambitions. We’re still slaves, there’s no denying it. I just hope that more people become aware as I am striving to be from this point on.

My goal is simply to allow myself the freedom to love fully and be loved for by all those I come in contact with. Spreading love to those who seek the alternative lifestyle is not a task for the weary. That is why it cannot be done alone. This is our journey, and the current is a wave of an adventure.

So start now, there is no reason to wait. Tomorrow is never promised and today is almost too late.

I asked earlier a complex question; what are you? What is love and how do we achieve happiness? These are all legit questions and I bet you’re wondering where do we even begin? [Now I’m pointing to the screen at you] What even are YOU? The answer is up to you. You are a product of your environment and Mother Nature intended it be as so. So show us what you are made of, and make damn sure it’s beautiful. Shine on stars โœจ

Follow me tomorrow for more love…๐Ÿ’š

Follow My Journey

Thank you for joining me! I’m so glad you’re here. Ask yourself this:

If time, money, and place were not a consideration, what would I love to do with myself and my energy?

Then ask yourself the following questions:

โ€ข Why?

โ€ข What can I do to go there?

โ€ข What stands in my way?

โ€ข Is it a real or perceived limitation?

โ€ข How can I transform these obstacles?

โ€ข How can I change my current lifestyle to accommodate this and move toward the goal?

You’re going to realize it one day โ€” that happiness was never about a job, or your degree, or a relationship. Happiness was never about following in the footsteps of all those who came before you, it was never about being like the others. One day, you’re going to see it โ€” that happiness was always about the discovery, the hope, the listening to your heart and following it wherever it chose to go. Happiness was always about being kinder to yourself, it was always about embracing the person you were becoming. One day you will understand. That happiness was always about learning to live with yourself, that happiness was never in the hands of other people. It was always about you. It was always about you. โ€” Bianca Sparacino